Hollywood Halloween Costumes: Get Your Kids Ready for Their Close-Ups

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Does your little princess want to dress up like Princess Tiana this year? Credit: Party City

Grab those popcorn balls and turn down the lights; it's time to take in as many movies and as much pop culture as you can. Because if you need a little inspiration for Hollywood Halloween costumes for your kids this season, looking to the silver screen, video games and -- insert fist pump here -- the Jersey Shore will give you a scary good start.

Melissa Sprich, head Halloween merchandise manager for Party City says each year Hollywood plays a significant role in determining costume trends.

"People are inspired by the characters and superheroes depicted in movies," she tells ParentDish. "With all the media hype and buzz surrounding these big blockbusters, it's no wonder these characters are top-of-mind for most people. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for people to transform into their favorite character."

Pop culture is also expected to play a role in kids' Halloween costumes this year, Sprich says.

"Kids can recreate pop culture looks with thousands of accessories, like wigs, ear sets, hair spray colors, sunglasses, in order to become everyone's favorite little monster," she says. "By adding [an] Edward-looking wig, a pink sequin dress or a children's size muscle chest, kids can become everyone's favorite Cullen, Hannah Montana and even Pauly D from 'Jersey Shore.' "

Of course, we're talking about Edward Cullen from the "Twilight" series -- and kids are certainly still sinking their teeth into vampire costumes this year, along with Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros., "Iron Man," Strawberry Shortcake, ninjas, Batman and Harry Potter.

"The characters from Mattel's new franchise Monster High -- Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura -- are a huge hit with tweens and teens, and younger girls are in love with Ariel and Princess Tiana costumes," Sprich says. "Nostalgia and retro themes play a big role in today's Halloween costumes. Characters like Mario and Luigi and Strawberry Shortcake are very appealing to today's children. These classic characters are something that both kids and parents can relate to, making them an appealing Halloween costume choice as parents are excited to share these beloved characters with their own children."

As for older kids, Sprich says Party City has found costumes that relate to streetwear are popular.

"Infusing archetypal characters -- like the vampire, fairy, witch -- with fashionable accessories and detailing is a huge trend with teen and tween audiences," she says. "For example, '80s costumes are a big hit right now partially because the costumes take on style trends that are popular today -- the bright neon colors, the leggings, the bangle bracelets."

And, of course, there's always some cross-over between costumes that are popular among both kids and adults. Expect to see little Lady Gagas and small Snookies and Situations ringing doorbells as they trick-or-treat this year.

"The kids' costumes often cross over to adults, but usually it's the other way around," Kelly David, with Spirit Halloween, tells ParentDish. "Many adults typically dress like the kids using popular kids' movies and nostalgic characters for inspiration ... Disney princesses, cartoon characters, 'Sesame Street' and 'Fraggle Rock.' "

Better start filling up that Netflix queue. Your child's next get-up is just a DVD away.

Spirit Halloween's Top Halloween Costumes for Kids in 2010

  • "Toy Story 3"
  • "Star Wars" (30th anniversary)
  • "Iron Man 2"
  • Nintendo
  • "Harry Potter"
  • Princess
  • Witch
  • Fairy
  • Vampiress
  • Superhero
  • Military
  • Horror
Kids' Group Costumes:
  • "Toy Story" characters: Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear
  • Mario, Luigi and Princess
  • Scarecrow, Tinman, Dorothy
  • Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman
  • "Yo Gabba Gabba" characters: Plex DeLuxe , Foofa, Brobee, Lance

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