How to Play: Mummy Wrap

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Will you be the first to wrap the mummy? Credit: Getty Images

What you need: Several rolls of toilet paper and two or more blindfolds.

How to play: Divide guests into teams of two to four players. One person is designated as the mummy and the others must wrap the mummy with the toilet paper, while blindfolded.

The rules: For teams of two, the person wrapping the mummy is blindfolded. For teams of three and up, there will be several wrappers. Each person is blindfolded and given 30 to 60 seconds to wrap as much of the mummy as possible. When the timer goes off, he or she must put down the toilet paper, remove the blindfold, pass it to the next child and then that person has the same amount of time to wrap as much as possible. This continues until the toilet paper is gone and the mummy is wrapped from head to toe.

How to win: Be the first team to completely wrap the mummy.

What else you need to know: For younger children, allow them wrap the mummy without being blindfolded.

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