Share Your Life Lessons With the Kids in Keepsake Journal

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Share your life stories with your kids in a non-threatening, fun way that will mean even more to them when they're all grown up. Credit: Uncommon Goods

Wouldn't it be great if we could find a way for our kids to truly benefit from our experiences?

"The Parent's Field Guide to Life" is an illustrative journal that lets you do just that, by giving you a place to share your life experiences and advice about topics that probably don't come up in everyday family conversations.

The hand-bound journal is divided into 12 chapters, each devoted to a specific topic such as "blazing your own trail," "find your purpose," "bumps in the road" and "family." And the included instructional guide provides examples, questions and prompts to help you recall and write about the events and experiences that have shaped your life.

So, if you just don't seem to have the time to shop for a publisher and secure a book deal for your memoir, we recommend getting it all down on paper this way -- and creating something your family will cherish for years to come.

Available exclusively at Uncommon Goods for $34.


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