Create Your Own Chocolate Bar? Sweet!

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Choose from more than 100 toppings for a treat that's choco-licious. Credit: Chocri

Sure, we've heard of custom sneakers, T-shirts and stationery, but custom chocolate bars? Now, that's one we can really sink our teeth into.

Chocri allows you to create your own chocolate bar online, with a choice of ingredients that allows for more than 27 billion combinations. Choose from four bases: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or milk/white chocolate. Then select five toppings from a list of more than 100 offerings, from chili to candied rose petals to real gold flakes. And, when you're done, you can give your bar a name and it will be printed on the packaging.

If you're not feeling all that creative, Chocri also offers a few dozen recommended creations, such as the crazy chocolate bar made from milk/white chocolate, mango cubes, chives, real gold flakes and walnuts, or the firemaker, made from dark chocolate, ginger, wasabi peanuts, jalapeños and cayenne pepper.

Chocri also offers bulk orders for weddings or corporate gifts, as well as gift certificates, so recipients can create their own sweet treat.

Available at Chocri for $5.90 and up.

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