How to Play: Spider Web Hunt

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Credit: Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

What you need: Synthetic spider webs, spider rings and prizes.

How to play: Take the synthetic spider webs and use them to enclose a small space of about 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall by 6 feet long. Hook the webs with small plastic spider rings -- one for each child.

What are the rules: Send in the kids two at a time to search for their rings. Reward them with a small prize (candy, cupcake, Halloween stickers) when they come out with their rings.

How to win: You can time how long it takes the kids to find the rings, and give a special prize to the one who finds a ring in the shortest amount of time.

What else you need to know: To make this more challenging for older kids, instead of rings, place different clues on the web. Each clue gives a hint to where the ring or gift is hidden.

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