Natural Sachets Bring the Outdoors In

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natural sachet picture

Natural sachets stir up memories of fall hikes and summer mountain lakes. Credit: Juniper Ridge

The word sachet conjures up an image of those sickeningly sweet bath store products that overwhelm the senses and the sinuses.

But not the sachets from Juniper Ridge. Made from 100 percent pure-ground, wild-harvested plant trimmings in organic cotton bags, they have no added scents, so they smell exactly like the plants they come from, including Douglas fir, Siskiyou cedar, Big Sur sage, Western juniper and Christmas fir.

Use them in your drawers to scent your clothes, use one to freshen up your car -- put them any place you want to evoke the scents of places like the Big Sur coast or the canyon lands of the Southwest. Even put one in your pillowcase and breathe deeply for sweet-smelling dreams.

Available from Juniper Ridge for $8.


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