'Real World' Star Sean Duffy Wins House Seat in Wisconsin

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"Real World" alum Sean Duffy has been elected to Congress. Credit: Melissa Maund Rasmussen

The glass ceiling for reality stars in Congress has been shattered, thanks to "Real World: Boston" standout Sean Duffy, a Republican who picked up an open seat in Wisconsin's 7th District during Tuesday's big election.

Duffy, who spent 1997 finding out "what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real," easily defeated state Sen. Julie Lassa for the job in a contest to replace retiring Rep. David Obey, a Democrat who held the seat for 41 years.

The Associated Press declared Duffy the winner, and he thanked supporters at his victory party shortly before midnight. "What a great night in Wisconsin," Duffy belted.

Duffy filled the "conservative Midwesterner" spot on season 6 of the show and later participated in 'Road Rules.' During his stint as a reality TV star, he met and married "Real World: San Francisco" beauty Rachel Campos, who is now a ParentDish columnist. The couple have six children.

Syrus Yarbrough, one of Duffy's housemates on the show, has already weighed in on the victory. "Sean from my season of The Real World Boston is now a US Congressman!" he wrote on Twitter. "Congrats my brotha!"

While at the Boston firehouse, Duffy would often clash with the liberal-leaning Kameelah Phillips, and later credited the two black cast members (Phillips and Yarbrough) with helping to teach him about race issues. There was no hot tub in the house (these were more innocent times, folks), so the most scandalous thing he ever did was call Phillips a "bitch."

That said, he doesn't think his time on television should play any part in his political ambitions. "People aren't concerned about a reality show from 15 years ago," he said in a Daily Caller interview back in May.

The 7th District includes all or part of 20 central and northwestern Wisconsin counties.

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