Would You Let Your Children Go Hunting?

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Jessica Olmstead is shown with the 448-pound black bear she killed in Oba, Ontario, Canada. Credit: Olmstead family, AP

New laws could make it easier for you to answer "yes."

Last month we wrote about Jessica Olmstead, a 17-year-old who killed a 448-pound black bear in Canada with a bow and arrow. (Yes, a bow and arrow.) Looks like she may have some company. Thirty states now have laws designed to make hunting more "youth-friendly," according to USA Today. The laws are partly designed to make it easier for young people to go hunting by lowering the minimum age or reducing fees. The laws vary by state. North Dakota, for example, has a youth-only hunting season where 12 and 13-year-olds are able to participate, while Nebraska lowered the license fee for youth hunters to only $5.

Would you let your children go hunting?

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