Does Miley Cyrus Have Something Against Pants?

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miley cyrus picture

We can see right through Miley Cyrus's attempts at proving she's all grown up during a recent German TV appearance. Credit: Peter Steffen, AP/Getty Images

Miley, isn't it time to try some pants? Credit: Dave Benett, Getty Images

Yes, Miley. You've made things perfectly clear: You are a woman now.

Well, technically, you're not a legal adult until Nov. 23, but still, we get this whole attempt at proving that you can't be tamed.

Cyrus' latest stab at shedding her wholesome "Hannah Montana" image? The Disney star has been flashing her underwear all around Europe -- first in a sheer dress during a German TV appearance and then in a corseted number meant for the boudoir at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid.

So, what outfit should be next on Cyrus's red carpet wish list? May we suggest trying something that's actually meant to be worn outside of closed bedroom doors? Now that, Miley, would be truly daring.

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