Boy Gives Up Sexy Backpack After Principal Gets Excited ... That Is, 'Upset'

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Quentin Ferrer sexy backpack picture

Is this backpack too crass for class? Credit: District School Board of Pasco County

A variety of colorful and popular characters appear on children's backpacks. You have your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You have Dora the Explorer. You have ... holy mama!

Whoever that was on fourth grader Quentin Ferrer's new backpack, she wasn't Dora. Even Lara Croft would tell her to put some clothes on before she'd go exploring with that gal.

Ferrer, 9, who attends Richey Elementary School in Tampa, Fla., stirred up a lot of excitement at the school with a backpack featuring the kind of scantily clad woman rarely seen outside a biker's tattoo parlor.

Well, maybe excitement is not the right word. Commotion? No. Let's go with controversy.

Principal Ken Miesner banned Ferrer from wearing the backpack, saying the image was disruptive. The St. Petersburg Times reports Fred Ferrer, the boy's father, challenged the decision as censorship and vowed to fight after the school board declined to intervene.

The incident even drew the attention of "Today" and cohost Kathie Lee Gifford (who, by the way, was not the woman on the backpack).

However, the Times reports Quentin Ferrer didn't like to see his father and Miesner debate his backpack with Gifford and gave up his book bag Nov. 3.

"He said, 'I felt uncomfortable at school. This guy keeps bothering me,' " Fred Ferrer tells the Times. "He said, 'I don't want you to get in trouble.' So we went out and bought two new backpacks."

The elder Ferrer tells the newspaper he wanted to protect his son's freedom of expression, but didn't want his son to feel bad about going to school.

Fred Ferrer says he continues to think the district policy governing student attire is unclear, leaving too much to the discretion of the school principal.

School district officials tell the Times they consider the matter resolved. If kids want a sexy backpack, well, they'll have to settle for Hannah Montana.

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