Naked Moms: Expectant Mothers Show Off Their Baby Bumps

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Pregnant model Miranda Kerr, with husband Orlando Bloom, poses nude in the latest issue of W Magazine. Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Remember muumuus, mom jeans with stretch panels and all those loose, billowing, flowing pieces of maternity wear aimed at hiding -- and certainly not showing off -- a baby belly?

Well, today's mamas-to-be are making no pretenses about covering up their bulging bumps. Nope, instead of going under cover in their husband's T-shirts, pregnant women are baring their stretch marks for the entire world to see.

"What's up with that?" writer Tracy Clark-Flory asks.

Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr poses naked on the cover of December's W Magazine, embracing her growing belly.

"It's an exquisite photo that reminds us that pregnancy is, um, one of the most awesome things ever?" Clark-Flory writes. "I mean, there is a baby growing inside her -- how amazing is that?"

Kerr waxes poetic about her upcoming family life in W.

"For me, family is life," she tells the magazine. "The decision to start one wasn't complex at all." That could have something to do with the fact that Kerr married actor Orlando Bloom in July.

Clark-Flory points out that naked pregnant chicks, at least the rich-and-famous ones, have been posing in some state of undress for magazine covers for more than 10 years. It's just that now, it barely raises an eyebrow.
Back in 1991, a pregnant Demi Moore's Vanity Fair issue was sheathed in paper bags and banned from some newsstands, reports.

But that cover was trend setting. Since then, countless famous women have followed her lead: Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum, to name a few, the site says.

But this pregnant posing isn't just for celebrity and fashion glossies. There is a whole professional industry for maternity photo shoots, the results of which are displayed everywhere from living rooms to Facebook pages, and some women even document their growing stomachs in videos, reports.

Showing off your belly is a way to say your are proud to be a mom, Jennifer Loomis, a pioneer of the pregnant nude niche, tells Seattle Magazine.

Loomis says there is beauty in every mom-to-be and showcases bare-naked pregnant women and their stories in her book, "Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother" ($19.95; Sentient Publications, May 2009). She has made a career of helping pregnant women feel gorgeous and has exhibited her work in New York City, San Francisco and Seattle.

"It's so important for these mothers," Loomis writes on her website. "Every one of us comes from a pregnant mother. It's ridiculous that we don't celebrate that! Pregnancy has so long been covered in baggy clothes, and behind the doctor's office doors. But there's such an amazing beauty to it."

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