Do the New Cigarette Warning Labels Go Too Far?

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cigarette warning label picture

One of 36 new proposed FDA cigarette warning labels is pictured. The FDA will pick nine images to accompany warning statements, which will be mandatory on all cigarettes beginning in October 2012. Illustration by FDA Via Getty Images

The FDA really doesn't want people to smoke. The agency announced this week that tobacco companies will be required to put new, larger warning labels on their cigarette packages. The new labels feature graphic images -- one is a corpse -- and must be large enough to cover at least half of the packaging, according to published reports.

Warning labels are already required to appear on every pack of cigarettes sold. The new language proposed by the FDA is even more direct, including such phrases as "smoking can kill you."

Of course, even non-smokers have to see these horror-film-style images, and that includes your kids. So what do you think: Do the new cigarette warning labels go to far?

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