Only Children Happier Than Those With Siblings

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When you're an only child, there's no older brother to beat you up. Credit: Getty Images

Whoever said that one is the loneliest number must have had a lot of brothers and sisters, because new research shows only children are happier than those who have siblings.

According to British newspaper The Telegraph, a study conducted by the Institute for Social & Economic Research reveals that happiness declines with the addition of each new sibling.

The survey, which collected information from more than 2,500 youngsters in the United Kingdom, also showed that more than half the children questioned have been bullied by their brother or sister.

More than half of kids surveyed report being punched, kicked or hit, and also said that they suffered name-calling and theft at the hands of their siblings. Gundi Knies, a researcher on the project, tells the newspaper that discontent also stems from sharing a bedroom with other members of the brood, as well as having to compete for Mom and Dad's attention.

The survey appears to show that sibling rivalry can have a serious effect on a child's emotional health.

"In an average home, the more children, the less privacy for each child. Some love sharing a bedroom with a sibling but they would rather choose to do it than have to do it," child psychologist Dr. Ruth Koppard tells the Telegraph.

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