The Situation and Bristol Palin Hook Up on Teen Pregnancy Prevention - Fuhgeddaboudit

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Gym, tan ... condom?

We fell into Bizarroland when we saw this public service announcement featuring "Dancing With the Stars" Bristol Palin and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino extolling the virtues of safe sex.

As the two debate the pros and cons of getting it on, we had to chuckle. We cringed when creepy-yet-charming Sorrentino tried to give his pal "B. Palin" one of his (magnum, he's careful to note) condoms, but since getting girls to come home and sleep with him on "The Jersey Shore" seems to be his raison d'etre, he needs to be safe. Plus, he is truly funny, and perfect to Palin's straight man. In fact, The Situation and Bristol Palin seem to have so much chemistry that we have to wonder if they'll start tangoing off camera ...

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