Sarah Palin's Daughter Willow Uses Homophobic Slurs in Facebook Post

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sarah palin willow picture

Willow Palin lashes out at haters with harsh language. Credit: David McNew, Getty Images

Willow Palin, the 16-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, wrote several homophobic slurs and used foul language on Facebook on Sunday night, TMZ reports.

The teenager wrote the remarks after a Facebook user named Tre criticized her mom's new TLC show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Tre wrote, "Sarah Palin's Alaska is failing so hard right now," and Wilow fired back, calling Tre "so gay" and a "f**got."

Bristol Palin also responded to Tre's post, writing, "You're running your mouth just to talk sh*t," TMZ reports. She also shot back at a Facebook user named Jon, writing "You'll be as successful as my baby daddy, And actually I do work my ass off. I've been a single mom for the last two years."

A source connected to the Palin family tells TMZ that Willow doesn't usually use this kind of language, but she felt like she and her family were being attacked.

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