Grandmother, 90, Known as the 'Tiger' of Tennis

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In addition to her 30 grandchildren, Mary Jane Murphy has her daily tennis matches to keep her on her toes.

"Here they call me Tiger, but I don't know why," Murphy tells NBC Chicago.

Playing doubles at the Oak Lawn Racquet Club twice a week since the 1980s, this 90-year-old grandmother shows no signs of slowing down.

"Never underestimate her size," her friend and occasional doubles partner, Mary Casserly, told NBC Chicago. "She's not very tall, but she's very fast and she can hit the ball a ton!"

Now a local legend, Murphy started playing as a young girl in Avalon Park in Chicago with used tennis balls she'd collected from players.

Keeping her healthy and vibrant, Murphy shows no signs or intentions of slowing down soon.

"Its taught me not to give up, to keep trying, and to keep moving."


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