Mini Instruments Put Music at Your Fingertips

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So, maybe there's a future Jimi Hendrix or Ringo Starr in your house, but you aren't quite prepared to invest in a full-on home recording studio?

Or, maybe your kids just crave a little musical fun that won't shatter the windows (OK, you're the one who'd like to keep the noise down). Enter the Idol Hands Electronic Finger Guitar, Finger Drum Kit, Caribbean Finger Drums and DJ Finger Decks from Bluw.

The tiny guitar, played by pressing your fingers on the frets or strumming or tapping the fretboard, features three modes: freestyle, demo or step mode, which helps teach you to play. It also has a record/playback function, so you can play back your fave rock anthems.

Strike the tom toms, snare drum, bass drum and cymbals on the mini drums and the Caribbean steel drums are perfect for those who dig a little reggae rhythm. Both drum kits boast freestyle and demo mode and have playback features.

And if DJing is a little more your style, mix and scratch with these mini electronic mixing decks that play two different back tracks and feature eight different sound effects. It also comes with an MP3 input socket.

All are $19.99 at

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