Nice Score on the Exams, Kids! Here's a Nose Job

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In South Korea, good grades are rewarded with nips and tucks. Credit: Andrew Olney, Getty Images

Forget car keys, a spike in allowance or a mall gift card. Growing ranks of parents who want to bribe -- er, inspire -- their teens to do well on college entrance exams are dangling plastic surgery as the prize for studying hard.

This isn't a scene from a reality show like "The Hills." Real-life parents in South Korea, with the help of hospitals there, are offering cosmetic makeovers to hard-working students who score high on their university entrance exams, Reuters reports.

With grueling university entrance exams finally behind them, exhausted South Korean students are heading to the surgeon's table for their rewards of plastic surgery, the JoongAng Daily reports.

"Westernising" their noses (to give them an upward tilt) and double eyelid surgery (to make their eyes look bigger) top the surgical wish list, according to the South Korean newspaper.

The plastic surgeons also are offering substantial discounts to students and bonuses for moms, too.

"If a student has two plastic surgeries for eyes and nose at the same time, we will provide a free Botox shot for the mother's wrinkles," a hospital manager says in an advertisement on one hospital's website, the JoongAng Daily says.

Even before the university entrance exams were underway, there was a long list of reservations, one hospital manager told the JoongAng Daily.

At South Korean hospitals, the two surgeries -- one for the eyes and one for the nose -- would normally cost around $3,800 in U.S. dollars, according to the South Korean newspaper.


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