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Sure, you can watch the toy commercials on TV and read the advertising inserts in your local newspaper. But if you really want to know what the hot outdoor toys are this holiday season, listen to the playtime experts at the Toy Industry Association.

Click on these links to find what's hot right now. Then, if you want to play even further, go to and register your vote for the 2011 Toy of the Year awards. Winners will be announced in early 2011.

In the meantime, happy shopping and merry everything!

Toy Industry Association

Flickin' Chicken™
Haywire Group, Inc
Ages 6+ $
Flickin' Chicken is a wacky fun game that'll get everyone up and moving. The flying target is thrown and then each player takes a turn flickin' their rubber chicken at the target. Keep flicking until every player's chicken lands on the target. After nine rounds of chicken throwing, the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Toy Industry Association

Makin' Mudpies™
Little Tikes
Ages 2+
$39.99 Make a perfect mud pie every time with this amazing outdoor kitchen set, featuring a hand-crank mud mixer. The mixer head pivots up and down just like a real one, a working sink uses a water reservoir, and a pump button releases water. Best of all – no batteries needed.

Toy Industry Association

Nerf Super Soaker Shot Blast
Hasbro, Inc.
Ages 6+
The NERF Super Soaker Shot Blast can drench your opponents from up to 25 feet away. All you need is a single pump to unleash a huge blast of water and soak them all. The water blaster is compatible with the Tactical Rail System accessories and features adjustable and removable shoulder stock for maximum customization.

Toy Industry Association

Razor® Siege™
Caster Scooter Razor USA, LLC
Ages 8+
The Razor® Siege™, the latest in hybrid ride technology, is a mash-up of the original Razor® kick scooter and the RipStik® casterboard, so riders can kick like a scooter or twist and propel for a totally new ride. With the steel, reinforced twistable deck and 360-degree inclined rear caster wheel, the Razor® Siege™ enhances turning performance and sideways drifting.

Toy Industry Association

Sky Ball® and Bat
Maui Toys ®
Ages 6+
With a bounce of up to 75 feet, Sky Ball® is the world's highest bouncing ball ... And it can bounce up to 300 feet if you hit it with the Sky Bouncin' Baseball bat, which is the farthest hitting plastic bat.

Toy Industry Association

Street Surfing
Ages 5+
Whiplash™ is part Wave Casterboard, part scooter. Kids can ride it like a traditional scooter when they're young, and as they grow older and have better coordination they can learn to carve and drift like the Wave Casterboard. Whiplash™ teaches balance, coordination and works core stability all while having fun!

Toy Industry Association

National Sporting Goods
2 to 4 years
The YBIKE's unique design enables toddlers to meet the challenge of independently riding a bike. It includes an extended front fork angle to allow for safe turning, as well as two closely aligned rear wheels that help with balance but still allow a child to lean from side to side while turning. Other design features include high ground clearance to ensure safety regardless of terrain and large wheels for safe riding.

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