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Sure, you can watch the toy commercials on TV and read the advertising inserts in your local newspaper. But if you really want to know what the hot toys for preschoolers are this holiday season, listen to the playtime experts at the Toy Industry Association.

Click on these links to find what's hot right now. Then, if you want to play even further, go to and register your vote for the 2011 Toy of the Year awards. Winners will be announced in early 2011.

In the meantime, happy shopping and merry everything!

Dance Star Mickey

Toy Industry Association

Dance Star Mickey
Fisher-Price®, Inc.
Ages 2+
The amazingly lifelike Dance Star Mickey gets kids up and dancing to six different songs with styles including Disco, Latin, Techno and the Moonwalk. Mickey's own versions of hit songs broaden the appeal of this hilarious toy to kids of all ages, including parents. Mickey also features interactive games for more laughter and dancing fun.

Toy Industry Association

iXL™ Learning System
Fisher-Price®, Inc.
3 to 7 years
iXL™ Learning System is a 6-in-1 smart device that wraps learning and fun into the ultimate handheld gadget. The System includes six great applications - digital e-reader, game player, learn-to-write notepad, art studio, music player and photo viewer - for endless creativity and fun. Character licensed software is sold separately.
Puppet theater

Toy Industry Association

My Take Along Puppet Theater
Playmobil® USA
Ages 4+
Create your own show and have the Playmobil® characters act it out with My Take Along Puppet Theater. The set comes with six figures, changeable scenes, four different sound effects, and many accessories that can all be stored in the puppet theater so you can take it along with you anywhere.
sing-a-ma-jigs picture

Toy Industry Association

The Sing-a-ma-jigs!™
Mattel Inc.
Ages 3+
The Sing-a-ma-jigs!™ are plush characters that set off unexpected laughter and excitement with each squeeze of their tummies. When The Sing-a-ma-jigs!™ sing, their little mouths open wide for each note, showing off their cute little teeth and creating an engaging look and sound. First they chatter, then they each sing their own song, and when kids put them all together and squeeze their tummies one more time, they erupt in harmony.
Tonka Chuck

Toy Industry Association

Tonka Chuck & Friends Chuck's Stunt Park
Hasbro, Inc.
Ages 3+
Preschoolers will be thrilled to accompany their adventuresome friend Chuck the Dump Truck as he zips, zooms and flips through this interactive, hands-on stunt set featuring lights, sounds, moveable track pieces and a hand-crank elevator. The easy-to-assemble track lets kids build and rearrange the set to create a variety of tricks and tracks.
V Reader

Toy Industry Association

VTech Electronics North America
3 to 7 years
V.Reader is the first interactive e-reading system for children. Stories come to life with animation, sound and touch screen features. Reading games help build critical early language skills while keeping the play pattern fun and engaging. And the Learning Lodge, an online library of downloadable content, ensures that kids and parents have a constant stream of new stories to explore.

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