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T-shirts from verymeri look good and do good. Credit: verymeri

The first verymeri T-shirts were produced after elementary school teacher Meri Zeiff held a classroom contest in 2006 at her Hollywood, Calif., school, encouraging her students to create their own designs featuring images and phrases that inspired them.

Today, verymeri hosts online T-shirt design contests throughout the year, where kids younger than 18 can submit an original design to be voted on by site visitors. The winning designs are sold on the site, and a percentage of proceeds is donated to the designer's charity of choice.

The site also helps schools, camps and nonprofits host T-shirt design contest fundraisers, where 20 percent of sales go back to the organization.

Really, it's a win-win: Kids get to be creative, nonprofits benefit from proceeds and everyone looks great in cool, kid-designed T-shirts. Our current faves are Text Me, Equality and Be Buddies Not Bullies.

Available at verymeri for $10 to $24.


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