Parent Trap: Deadbeat Dads (and Moms) Featured on Posters and Pizza Boxes

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Owe child support? You could make the wanted list. Credit: Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency

That face on your pizza box could belong to a deadbeat dad.

No, not the Figaro's guy. His boys are grown. (By the way, Mario and Luigi, your dad says it would really be "super" if you knocked off the video games and called home every now and then.)

Actually, the mugs you need to look out for belong to guys like Ray Hardin III of Augustine, Fla. Ohio's Middletown Journal reports he owes a whopping $44,616.07 in child support.

The newspaper reports officials in Butler County have had it up to here with deadbeat dads (and yes, moms, too) and regularly issue wanted posters featuring offenders.

Photos and information about parents with felony arrest warrants for not paying their court-order child support payments are sent to some 300 locations. Some of the posters, the newspaper reports, are posted on pizza boxes.

"The wanted poster has proven to be an effective enforcement tool," Cynthia Brown, Butler County child support enforcement agency executive director, tells the Middletown Journal. "We are asking the public to help bring these offenders to justice."

The posters work, Brown tells the newspaper. Her agency has nabbed some 178 scofflaws and collected $1.75 million in back child supported since sending out its first wanted poster in 1995.

There have since been two dozen more posters. Collect and trade 'em all.

If you want to help spring the parent trap, you can go directly to the county's website. If you have any information on the felonious fathers (they're currently all men), you can call the agency's 24-hour tip line at 513-785-5750 or send an anonymous tip from the website.

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