Facebook Breakups Bring the Grinch to Christmas

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Logging into Facebook right before Christmas could cause tears for your teens. Credit: Saeed Khan, AFP/Getty Images

So much for nice: The holiday season is about to turn naughty.

It may be time for parents to stock up on Kleenex and prepare to head to the mall for some retail therapy with your teen or tween, as the next Facebook status update from your kid's BF or GF might just pop up without the "in a relationship" info.

Yep, the weeks right before Christmas are brutal on the Facebook romance front, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Graphic designers Lee Byron and David McCandless wanted to find out what times of year people (or at least people on Facebook) were most likely to break up, the Journal reports.

They discovered Christmas Day had the fewest splits.

"Christmas Day," McCandless tells the Journal. "Who would do that?"

But they found the peak breakup time is two weeks before Christmas, the newspaper says. The duo tracked search terms across 10,000 Facebook status updates and found the next coming weeks to be the highest time when relationships go bust.

Other spikes in breakup times included spring break (the whole spring cleaning motif?), summer break (free and easy at the beach) and April Fools' Day (is that a joke?). Mondays following a bad weekend run also are prime target days for Facebook breakups, the Journal reports.

The designer's speculation for the yuletide breakups? The weeks before Christmas are a romantically treacherous time, presumably as people begin pricing gifts for their significant others, according to the newspaper.


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