The Quintanas, Week 8: How Many Calories a Minute Does Stressing Out Burn?

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This week was a long road (full of owies and carbs). Credit: Michelle Quintana

I knew this week was going to be another tough one. I just had no idea how tough.

I thought the Healthy Families Challenge might kick my butt, but I never in a million years thought there would be moments where I felt like a failure. Week 5 challenged me, but I held my ground. This week I didn't fare so well.

The week started with my older daughter, Elizabeth, breaking her thumb on Sunday night. She was playing with one of the kids at The Little Gym, where she's been helping out, when she fell backwards, hyperextending her thumb -- ugh, bending it all the way back -- and fracturing the bone. David took her to our hangout, the Doral Baptist Urgent Care Center, where they temporarily casted it and told us to find a pediatric specialist on Monday. Beth's fracture was on the growth plate; if not casted properly, it could give her permanent problems.

Monday morning, after hours on the phone unsuccessfully searching for a specialist, I took her to the local children's hospital. A doctor there confirmed the fracture and put Beth in a navy blue cast from her thumb to her elbow, which she'll wear for the next four-six weeks. That day, I ate whatever I could get my hands on, healthy or not. I also missed yoga.

Tuesday, I woke up to find out that my dad had been rushed to the hospital. That was day two surrounded by the antiseptic smell and uncertainty of a hospital. My eating was completely out of control. At one point I downed two cups of coffee, a bag of chips and a piece of apple strudel. Training at American Top Team Doral was not a priority that night.

Wednesday, we seemed to be easing over the hump. Beth was back at school. My dad was scheduled to be released from the hospital the following day. I made it through a full day of work. Then I came home and collapsed. I was out by 6 p.m., no dinner.

David faithfully went to the park to run off some of the stress, while everyone else munched on leftovers.

Thursday, Daddy went home, and I made it through the work day. We were excited to make it to ATT Doral for training that evening. As Christian and Chloe began the children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, I stretched for the adult class, which follows immediately after, and David worked up a sweat hitting the bags. Beth sat sadly on the sidelines, realizing how much she would miss the action over the next month or so. That's when I saw Chloe, on the floor and crying hysterically, surrounded by her coaches. She had pulled a muscle in her hip and pinched a nerve.

Can you guess what's next? You got it! The urgent care center. I binged on multiple bags of teddy grahams (one was not consoling enough), in the lobby while I waited for my poor girl to be seen. She was OK, but the doctor put her on "no activity" for a week.

Saturday, Chloe insisted on being at The Little Gym, although she was not allowed to participate in class. Her pal wasn't able to make it for "Bring a Friend" day, which added to her bummed-out mood.

Summary of the week: four long hospital excursions, nothing of nutritional value in our bellies, no exercise. I'm hoping stress really does burn calories -- in that case, I am set. But in the end, my body felt the shock of not moving, and I felt I had taken several steps backward.

I have worked as a leader in youth groups since I was a teen, and I am notorious for telling the kids, "Everyone falls, but it is how you pick yourself up to keep moving that counts."

I guess we're about to see how hard it will be to pick up right where I left off.

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