Teacher Gets an F for Her X-Rated Test

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Are we being graded on this? Credit: Getty Images

So, whaddaya think? Are all sexual positions comfortable? Do African-American men really have bigger, er, uh, you know ...

It's difficult to even finish the question. These are not the sort of things you generally ask people. Talking this way around the water cooler could get you fired.

Now, imagine what would happen if you were a teacher who posed the questions to eighth graders.

A teacher at Andre-Laurendeau High School on the south shore of Montreal can tell you exactly what would happen. First, several parents would seem to spontaneously combust. Then you'd get suspended, if only because the school board can't find a legal way to have you shot.

The Toronto Sun doesn't identify the teacher, but reports say school officials' heads are still spinning from the test students were given as part of a religion and ethics course.

In addition to questions about sexual positions and the size of African-American sex organs, students also were reportedly asked about sperm, anal sex and lesbian intercourse.

"I find the questionnaire dubious, even for college students," school board director Andre Byette tells the Sun. "We do not approve of the content of certain questions. How does this help the sexual education of students? It's totally unacceptable."

School administrators banned the test following parents' complaints. They also ordered the teacher to stop discussing sexual subjects.

The Sun reports the teacher argued the test, which she wrote herself, was aimed at fighting society's prejudices about sex. That didn't exactly help her case. More parents complained, and the teacher was suspended.

Julie Pelletier, a Quebec psychotherapist and sex columnist, tells the Sun the quiz was "inappropriate for the students of that age group."

Sex education classes have been eliminated from schools in Quebec. As a result, the Sun reports, teachers sometimes take it upon themselves to introduce sex back into the curriculum.

Sexologist Jocelyne Robert tells the Sun the teacher has been judged prematurely, adding that she didn't present anything kids haven't already seen on the Internet or talked about amongst themselves.

Things such as homosexuality and oral sex are not new concepts, Robert says -- even to 13-year-olds.

"It's there," she tells the newspaper. "It's not anecdotal. It's very known to young people. They see it wall to wall on the Internet. If we don't talk about it, we're sort of putting our heads in the sand."

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