Teacher Gifts: 5 Great Ideas

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The holidays are a great time to show our appreciation and gratitude to our children's favorite educators for their passion, dedication and all the hard work they do to care for and inspire the next generation. Take a look at some of our favorite thoughtful teacher gifts and remember to include a handwritten card from your child for a special personalized touch.

teacher gifts

Credit: Moleskine US

1. Moleskine Passions Book Journal
Why we like it: Sure to please any book lover, this journal is the perfect place for your favorite teacher to reflect on what they're reading, jot notes about old favorites and compile a list of future must-reads. There's space for information such as title, author, date read and favorite quotes; as well as room for a personal review and rating and blank pages to add any additional info. The journal also comes with 202 stickers so it can be customized on the inside and out.
Get it: Amazon, $13.57

teacher gifts

Credit: Uncommon Goods

2. Reclaimed Slate Coasters Why we like it: In many schools, blackboards have gone the way of the Dodo, with the introduction of white boards and even digital display boards that hook up to computers. Made out of chalkboards from Franklin Elementary school in Quincy, Ill., these eco-minded reclaimed slate coasters are a nod to a bygone era of teaching and are bound to spark a twinge of nostalgia for any teacher.
Get it: Uncommon Goods, $35

teacher gifts

Credit: My M&M's

3. My M&M'S
Why we like it: They melt in your mouth, not in your hand! Don't just tell your child's teacher how important he is; write it for the whole world to see -- in chocolate. Choose your teacher's favorite M&M's colors then customize them with images and short messages to be printed back. Available in a range of gift packaging, from simple bags to holiday stockings, glass jars or candy dispensers.
Get it: MY M&M'S, $17.99 and up
teacher gifts

Credit: The Container Store

4. Klipo Cutlery Set
Why we like it: Too often, our hardworking teachers barely have time for lunch, so if they have to grab a quick bite at their desk, help them bright up their midday meal with this adorable travel cutlery set. Not only will they feel better that they're not throwing out disposable cutlery, but they'll never have to hunt around for a lone fork at the back of their desk drawer.
Get it: The Container Store, $4.99
teacher gifts

Credit: Think Geek

5. Crayon Executive Pen
Why we like it: Perfect for the teacher who's still a kid at heart, this ballpoint pen looks just like a giant Crayola crayon and comes in its own wood display case. Designed to last, the pen has a brass body that gives it the weight of an executive pen, while channeling her inner first grader.
Get it: ThinkGeek, $12.99-$14.99

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