Are Babies Named After Werewolves Just a Blogosphere Legend?

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Warewolf Photo

Are werewolves really leading the pack when it comes to names for boys? Credit: Corbis

Trend alert! More and more parents are naming their kids after ... verevolves!

(You have to say it with an accent to make it sufficiently dramatic.)

Seriously? Parents are really naming their offspring after crazed, howling, snarling, insatiable beasts that roam the night and terrorize people who would otherwise be asleep?

Sure, lots of kids fit the description, but is it really fair to werewolves? More importantly, is this really an honest-to-goodness trend?

A handful of blogs say it is. So there you have it.

The thing is, they all generally cite each other for proof.

The Stir quotes, which quotes Babble. Another website, the Post Chronicle, also cites And so on and so forth. Anyone got an original, authoritative source on this? Some statistics? A quote? Anyone?

Oh, never mind. Stop the presses, boys. We got us a trend.

Jacob was the most popular name for boys this year, according to Social Security Administration records. And Jacob, as any well-read person knows, is the name of a werewolf in the popular "Twilight" series of books and movies.

Of course, Jacob might just be a popular name.

Other "Twilight" werewolves include Quil, Embry, Seth and Paul, none of which are among the top 100 names of 2010. Neither are Alcide or Gus -- werewolves from the TV show "True Blood."

In fact, aside from Tyler and Mason (werewolves from the show "The Vampire Diaries"), hardly any trendy werewolf names show up in the top 100.

So does this leave the supposed werewolf trend without any teeth? Maybe not. The name Anthony remains in the top 10. And Tony Rivers was the character Michael Landon played in the title role of 1957's "I Was a Teenage Werewolf."

David is No. 14, and that was name of the hairy customer in 1981's "An American Werewolf in London." William (No. 8) was the name of the werewolf Jack Nicholson played in 1994 in "Wolf."

Even though it's not on the list, Scott is a popular boys' name. You can tell people you named your son after Scott Howard, the hero in 1985's "Teen Wolf."

Finally, there's Larry. It's not a particularly popular name anymore, but it is the name of Larry Talbot, the original movie werewolf in 1941's "The Wolf Man."

That's that then. Americans are naming their sons after werewolves. It's a bona fide trend. Case closed.


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