Dominic Zamprogna: 'General Hospital' Star Talks Fatherhood

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Dominic Zamprogna

Dominic Zamprogna has a new lady love: his daughter. Credit: Valerie Macon, Getty

Dominic Zamprogna
gives true meaning to the term ladies' man.

The soap opera stud is juggling not one, but four different girls.

On TV, Zamprogna, 31, best known for his role as Dante Falconeri on ABC's "General Hospital," is currently caught between two women on the daytime drama.

While off camera, the actor and his wife, Linda Leslie, are the proud new parents to their 7-week-old daughter, Anbilliene.

ParentDish recently caught up with Zamprogna to find out how he's handling all of these gorgeous women at once.

ParentDish: What a great holiday present -- a new baby.
Dominic Zamprogna: Yes, it is pretty exciting over here.

PD: How would you describe fatherhood?
DZ: It is different in a whole lot of ways. It is nothing you expect or can prepare for. It is such a massive and colossal change in your lifestyle, but for such a cool reason.

PD: Is Anbilliene allowing you and your wife to sleep much?
DZ: My wife is the hero, really, on this front. I just earn a lot of brownie points by waking up and offering my help. I have changed my fair share of diapers at 3:30 a.m., so that accounts for something, right?

PD: Who does the middle-of-the-night feedings?
DZ: We just started pumping and putting the baby on a bottle since my wife was nursing.

PD: Did Linda assign you any baby duties?
DZ: I do diaper duty and other jobs that allow me to connect with my daughter. My wife gets to connect with her on a whole other level because she is nursing.

PD: Do you do anything special with Anbilliene when it's daddy-daughter time?
DZ: Every morning, we have our special time. For starters, at 7:30 a.m., when she is alert and in the mood to play, we go to the living room where I hold her and I let her take everything in.

PD: You have a twin sister. Were you scared your wife might be carrying two babies, instead of one?
DZ: No, because I heard it skips a generation. Because of the advances in medicine and technology that did not exist when my mom was pregnant with me and my sister, we knew there was only one baby in there.

PD: You must have a whole new respect for your mom.
DZ: I do. When I saw how my wife was pushing out our 7-pound baby, I thought, "Man, how did my mother do this with two seven-pound babies at once?"

PD: Dante, your character on "General Hospital," is reuniting with Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo), who recently returned to the show. She's also the past love of Sonny (Maurice Corinthos), Dante's father. Sounds like a twisted love triangle.
DZ: Welcome to the world of soaps. Vanessa is awesome to work with and really brings fire back to the show. Her character and Sonny have an awesome chemistry and I am sure fans want to throw Dante under a bus for trying to come between them. Dante has been infatuated with Brenda for years and they are very different feelings than what he has for Lulu Spencer. I think Dante was just caught off guard by the whole scenario.

PD: So, will Dante and Brenda ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after?
DZ: No. I think Brenda and Sonny are really going to try and make their relationship work, and I don't think Dante will step in the middle of that and ruin their happiness.

PD: How will this impact Dante's relationship with Lulu (Julie Berman)?
DZ: It won't be too good. As for what our state is? I don't know, but what I do know is, it will be a rough road ahead for us. Maybe, emotionally, Dante is having a hard time, but I don't think he will intentionally hurt Lulu because he does love her.

PD: A little birdie is tweeting about a baby boy you fathered with Brenda.
DZ: That is part of the story that is unfolding. There is talk that there was a child and, yes, we are being lead to believe it was Dante and Brenda's.

PD: In real life, could you stay lip-locked with such jaw-dropping information?
DZ: Sure, if someone tells me to keep a secret.

PD: Since your "General Hospital" character joined the daytime series in 2009, he has been hot and heavy with Lulu, Luke and Laura's daughter. How does Linda handle watching you on TV in a romantic embrace, or in bed with another woman?
DZ: She has seen this for a long time. Besides, I have done far worse stuff on other shows than what I am doing on "General Hospital." This is nothing for her. She is not only a pro, but she knows this is only work and she is the one I want to come home to at night.

PD: You father is a famous dancer and choreographer in Canada. Did any of his fancy moves rub off on you?
DZ: Not anymore. When I grew up, I had to take ballet, tap and jazz classes because my parents were running a dance school out of the house. I like it to a certain extent, even though I got made fun of by my buddies. Rhythm is a good thing to have.

PD: Any chance you'll follow the lead of Joel Grey's daughter, Jennifer Grey, and join "Dancing with the Stars"?
DZ: No, I would not do anything like that right now. I do enjoy watching the program, and I think those people have amazing guts to go on this show and do what they do.

PD: Speaking of amazing, the holidays are upon us. I bet this year will be extra amazing for you and Linda, since it is Anbilliene's first Christmas.
DZ: I am a Christmas dork. We are going to get a tree, decorate it and then go to Canada to see my family.


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