Meet MamAmor, the Doll That Gives Birth

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We've seen a lot of dolls here on ParentDish. There was Bebé Glotón, the breast-feeding doll. Then there was the pole-dancing doll. There's also new Barbie Video Girl, which prompted a warning from the FBI.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we bring you MamAmor, the Doll That Gives Birth. (Warning: the website plays music that will make you think you're at the Lilith Fair.)

After giving birth -- complete with placenta -- she also breastfeeds. The "babies" have a snap for a mouth, which attaches to the mama doll's chest.

MamAmor dolls are made by Adriana Guerra, who, according to her website, is a doula and "the mother of three wonderful children -- born at home, breastfed and carried almost all the time -- and the wife of a loving and supportive husband." On her etsy page, Guerra says, "Creating my MamAmor dolls has been one of the most meaningful and creative ways to express my passion for birth, breastfeeding and attachment."

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A sewing machine episiotomy couldn't be easier. Credit:

In an interview with BirthSource, Guerra says that she believes that "introducing a doll like this to children who will have a little brother or sister soon will help them to understand birth using an age appropriate toy." She says it will also "incorporate birth and breastfeeding into their belief systems, as natural events in life." She adds, "MamAmor dolls can help to make a better world" because they could help families to "be more open to have, or support, natural birth and breastfeeding in the future."

MamAmor dolls cost $130, or $145 for a custom job. Also available are accessories including slings, diaper bags and glasses. According to the MamAmor page on, the dolls are sold out as of this writing, but a new batch is due on December 12th.

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