Are You More Focused on Family This Holiday Season?

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Some gifts are free. Credit: Getty Images

A new study on holiday spending attitudes found that 77 percent of Americans are refocusing their efforts on family rather than gift giving.

The study was published by Strayer University, based on polling by Ipsos Public Affairs, according to a press release.

Strayer University professor Dr. Lisa Kincaid says that people are "taking stock of what's important, such as spending time with family, volunteering, and living within their means." While part of the reason people are cutting back on holiday gifts this year is anxiety about the economy, Dr. Kincaid believes that more family-time and less conspicuous consumption could lead to "happier and less stressful lives in the short- and long-term."

We say, why can't we do both? Just kidding.

What about you? Are you more focused on family this holiday season?

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