How to Play: Christmas Gift Stacking Relay

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Carry stacked gifts to win the relay. Credit: Getty Images

What you need: A duplicate set of wrapped boxes, items inside the boxes (optional) and stools or chairs.

How to play: Divide into two teams: Team A and B. Now, split each team so half are at one end of the room and half at the other end at a distance of 15 to 20 feet. Stack three gifts on top of each other. Place stools at both ends.

The rules: Teams are told that they must take the stack of gifts from one stool to the other stool without dropping any gifts. Then, the next person must pick up the gifts and take them back to the other stool. If the gifts fall, then the person must go back to the starting point and begin again.

How to win: The first team done wins.

What else you need to know: For an easy version for small kids, use empty boxes. For a little trickier variation, add chairs that guests must weave around as obstacles. A harder version is to tell teams that they can only use one hand to carry the gifts (two when lifting off stool). An even more difficult variation is to increase to four boxes or more. Yet another variation: The first person races with one gift to his or her teammate, where he or she hands off the gift and adds one more gift. Now, the person must take two gifts to the other end, where the next person must take three gifts, etc. This continues until the first team successfully carries 10 gifts from one stool to the next without dropping the gifts.

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