Dress Up Your Bandz With Charmz

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Mix 'em, match 'em, trade 'em! Credit: Whomp!

Are your kid's arms covered in Silly Bandz? If so, then it's time to accessorize.

Whomp! Charmz are carefully-designed charms that easily clip to all kid's stringy things including headphone wires, necklaces and all other bands.

These cool, collectible (and biodegradable) come in five fun packages for $5.99 each: Manic Monkeys, Bleeps & Bots, Pond Pals, Sassy Kitties, and Chomp Dogs with 8 Charmz in each package.

Visit Whomp! Charmz to find a store near you.

charmz picture

Max - Bleep Bot! Credit: Whomp!


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