Savenor's Bacon Society 2011: Monthly Bacon

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Who wouldn't love a shipment of bacon in the mail every month? Credit: Savenor's

Sure, we've read the articles this year telling us how bacon has jumped the shark and the impassioned pleas for chefs around the country to move on to a new flavor craze. But that's not enough to stop us diehard bacon fans from going hog wild for the smoky stuff.

Enter Savenor's Bacon Society 2011 -- monthly bacon specials that are shipped straight to your table around the 15th of every month. That's right -- a bacon-of-the-month club. Try Canadian bacon in March, applewood smoked in May, duck bacon in June or cob smoked in September.

Or gift a few months to a loved one this holiday season and pig out when their pork-a-licious gifts arrive.

Available at Savenor's for $9.99-$12.99


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