How to Play: Who's Santa?

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If you can wink, you can play this holiday game. Credit: Getty Images

What you need: Players need the ability to wink and say "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

How to play: Santa is hiding, and Rudolph is here to find him. Borrowing from the classic winking game, Santa winks at people and when someone gets winked at, he or she says, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" Have all the children sit in a circle. One child is selected to be Rudolph and leaves the room while Santa is selected. One person from the circle is elected to be the "Santa," and then "Rudolph" is called back to stand in the circle.

The rules: Once Rudolph returns, Santa can start winking at people in the circle. Anyone who sees that, he or she has been winked at lets out a loud, "HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!" Once Rudolph identifies Santa, you start again.

How to win: If you are Rudolph, identify Santa. If you are Santa, keep Rudolph from identifying you.

What else you need to know: If kids cannot wink, let them blink their eyes instead of winking.

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