What Would You Say To Barbara Walters?

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Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters asked an uncomfortable question to Rachel Campos-Duffy. Credit: Evan Agostini, AP

ParentDish columnist Rachel Campos-Duffy was a guest on "The View" recently, and Barbara Walters asked her the following question:

"Did you ever think, 'I wish I had a career and I didn't have six kids?'"

Even if you ignore the obvious fact that Rachel has accomplished quite a bit in what most of us would call a career (writing, hosting television shows, including a stint filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck in 2009), many people felt this was an odd question. Joshua Mercer wondered on CatholicVote.org if Ms. Walters could have used a different phrasing, such as, "Do you sometimes regret not continuing your TV career?"

So we were wondering: What would you say to Barbara Walters? Keep it clean, please. This is a family web site.

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