How to Play: Christmas Wreath

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wreath picture

Get your cotton balls through the wreath first. Credit: Corbis

What you need: A large Christmas wreath, rope for hanging the wreath, cotton batting and white tissue paper.

How to play: Suspend the wreath from a doorway. Prepare the "snowballs" by covering balls of cotton batting with white tissue paper – you will need three for each player. The object is to throw the snowballs through the wreath.

The rules: The players stand about 8 feet away from the wreath and take turns throwing the balls through the wreath. Each player is given three snowballs.

How to win: The first player to throw all three of his or her snowballs through the wreath wins.

What else you need to know: You also can divide the kids into two teams. Make six snowballs, three for each team. Number the snowballs with a five, a 10 and a 20. If the ball numbered five goes through, it earns five points for that player's team. If it does not go through, it is a loss, and so on. The team scoring the most points wins.

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