The Hatch-Palucks, Week 10: Taking Multitasking to the Next Level

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Why yes, I am using my computer while I'm on the treadmill. Credit: Channing Paluck

My husband hates it when I complain.

To be fair, complaining is my forte. I'm well-known for my ability to see any glass, however full, as half-empty. Let's just say that when I was a teenager, I earned the nickname Eeyore, after that forever-frowning (but super-cute!) donkey from "Winnie The Pooh."

But the great thing about my husband (one of the many great things, and yes, he made me say that) is the fact that he is a doer. When the going gets tough, Channing gets going. He likes to solve problems, especially my problems -- and most especially if his solution shuts me up.

So when I moaned incessantly about not being able to fit working out into my daily schedule -- I have too much work to do! I have more than 4,000 unread emails! I'm now that annoying person who complains about her unread emails! Woe is me! -- he sprang into action.

During my last visit to The Fitness Center, of course I had my smart phone with me. Not only does it work as an MP3 player, it also houses all of my most vital work emails, and I can access Twitter and Facebook on my phone, both of which I need to update frequently.

While I walked on one of the treadmills at the gym, I tweeted and answered emails. I cleaned out at least 50 urgent messages, with nothing to distract me but the thump-thump-thump of my feet on the revolving belt. When I got home, I bragged to Channing about my productivity and then hinted around at how much work I could get done if only I had an iPad.

And Christmas is coming!

Sadly, I will not be getting an iPad. Because instead, I got a treadmill desk.

Yes, you heard that right. My husband built me a workstation for my laptop.

On our treadmill in our basement.

He called me early last week and asked me if I was really serious about wanting to be able to work while I exercised.

"Yes!" I replied brightly. "I would really like an iPad!"

You can't blame a girl for trying.

Instead, he came home and described in detail how he was inspired by friends of ours, Matt and Amy, who have a similar treadmill workstation set-up at their house. He was so enthusiastic that I agreed to this crazy scheme, doubtful though I was. I mean, wouldn't an iPad be a better idea? Hmmm?

But three days later, I had to agree that it was pretty cool. Thanks to our handy friend Al, who custom cut a piece of wood for us using what I have to assume was a large and dangerous tool, and a wall-mounted television stand, I now have a workstation where I work out.

I gave it a go and you know what? Channing was right. It is awesome. It takes some getting used to, and it was kind of awkward at first, trying to focus on not tripping and using a mouse at the same time, but once I found a comfortable pace, I was able to do much more than I could just using my wee phone. I even found that I was able to write. while walking, which is something I tend to do in my head when I'm exercising, anyway.

Now, with my treadmill desk, I can actually get the words out of my head and into a Word file. Yay, me! And yay, Channing!

I've been busy setting up a work space for myself in the basement, as well, which is where our treadmill lives. So now when I'm down there, I can simply get up from the desk, strap on my walking shoes and start breaking a sweat.

Now, I have to stop complaining.

But if anyone wants to send me an iPad, I can email you my home address.

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