How to Play: Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

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What you need: An oversized stocking, pens or pencils, paper and Christmas holiday objects, such as a pine cone, holly, mistletoe, Scotch tape, a bow, an ornament, etc.

How to play: Put about 20-25 Christmas objects into the stocking. You can tie the top of the stocking with a ribbon so no one can peek.

The rules: Pass out paper and pens or pencils to the players. Tell them how many objects are in the stocking, that you will pass around the stocking to everyone, and they must write down what they think they feel in the stocking.

How to win: The person who correctly guesses the most objects in the stocking is the winner.

What else you need to know: To make the game go faster, you can use two stockings, but be sure you put the same items in each stocking.

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