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Sorapot  teapot picture

Sorapot brews up a pot of tea beautifully. Credit: Sorapot

Sorapot is a unique, modern teapot that lends a thoroughly modern twist to the centuries-old tea ceremony.

The backbone of the Sorapot is made from stainless steel formed through an investment casting process -- one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, commonly used to make jet turbine blades and space shuttle components.

Hot water is poured into the Sorapot's borosilicate glass (Pyrex) tube, which looks almost like it's suspended inches off of your tabletop and allows you to watch the unfurling of the tea leaves -- especially lovely if you're using blooming flower teas.

Even Sorapot's packaging is beautiful, with post-consumer recycled cardboard and molded pulp -- like an egg crate -- tied up with a natural jute rope.

Available at Sorapot for $200-$250


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