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SwitchittZ Tees let kids interact with their shirt's design. Credit: SwitchittZ

We've heard of shirts you can paint and embellish at home, shirts that change color in the sun and shirts you can customize from your computer.

But this is the first time we've seen an interactive shirt kids can style with ease.

SwitchittZ Tees, a new line from Thread Adventures, was co-created by two moms (one worked in production and design for GapKids). In themes including Deep Space and Enchanted Garden, each shirt comes with collectible, interchangeable, multitextured fabric characters and elements -- think spaceships, peace signs, butterflies and jungle animals -- that kids can use to switch up the shirt's look and scene.

Buy several shirts to really switch up the scenes -- butterflies join dinosaurs or peace signs hit outer space -- you get the idea. Durable and are made of soft pre-washed, pre-shrunk 100 percent cotton, the shirts also come in solid colors for older kids.

SwichittZ are around $40, at specialty shops and online at SwitchittZ.com, and come short and long-sleeved styles. For free shipping, enter FreeShipAOL at checkout.

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