How to Play: The Night Before Christmas

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The Night Before Christmas Picture

A variance of Musical Chairs. Credit: Buena Vista

What you need: Chairs and the book, "The Night Before Christmas."

How to play: In this variance of Musical Chairs, set up a circle of chairs, with as many chairs as there are players. Give each child the name of some part of Santa Claus' outfit, the sleigh, the reindeer, etc. The hostess then reads the well-known story, "The Night Before Christmas." As she mentions the items, the players given them rise, turn around and sit down again.

The rules: As the hostess mentions Santa Claus, she removes a chair and all change places, trying to secure a seat. The one left without a chair is out of the game. The hostess continues the story and so on, until completed.

How to win: The person who gets the last chair is the winner.

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