Are You Letting Your Kids Off the Hook for Healthy Eating This Holiday Season?

candycane pic

Candy canes are delicious ... and full of sugar. Credit: Patrick Norman, Corbis

Holiday time is food time! It seems like starting with Thanksgiving and going through New Year's Day, there is a never-ending bounty of delicious and fattening foodstuffs.

But! We want our children to practice healthy eating, right? We want them to make smart choices. We want them ... to ... I'm sorry, are those chocolate Santas half-price? How many do you have left? 10? I'll take 8. Now, what were we talking about?

As important as healthy eating habits are, some will say that it is equally important to let kids be kids. Sometimes that means pigging out on sweets. Or does it?

What are you doing? Are you letting your kids off the healthy eating hook for the holidays? Or are the rules the same in your house no matter what time of year it is?

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