How to Play: Santa's Christmas Puzzle Mystery

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Will you be able to solve the puzzle? Credit: Getty Images

What you need: A camera, pictures, scissors and envelopes.

How to play: Plan where to hide the gifts first, and then take photos of the hiding places. Have photos printed on 8-by-10 paper or larger. Now, cut up the photos into squares. (1-, 1 1/2- or 2-inch blocks) and place into an envelope. Make sure you place presents at the hiding places.

The rules: Set the stage by sharing that Santa doesn't know where the gifts are and needs help or else there may not be a Christmas. The good news is the elves left clues so they would remember where the toys are, but one of our favorite elves, Patty Puzzle, thought they were toys and cut them all up! Now we need your help to find out where the toys are. Now, give out envelopes with a puzzle to each player. Once the puzzle is finished, it should give a hint to where the toys and gifts are. Once all puzzles are completed, the team can go and find the gifts.

How to win: The first team to find the gifts wins.

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