Star Trek: The Original Series 365

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Live long and prosper with this comprehensive homage to the show that started the Trekkie craze. Credit: Abrams Books

Released this fall, "Star Trek: The Original Series 365" is the definitive authorized guide to the "Star Trek" TV series that boldly goes where no Star Trek book has gone before.

The 744-page tome is a visual celebration of the original TV show, which aired from 1966-1969, complete with never-before-seen images, newly commissioned photography and remastered stills from the CBS archives. There's also in-depth commentary; behind-the-scenes histories; interviews with writers, cast and crew; and synopses of each of the 79 episodes.

Perfect for the Trekkie in your life and also a great opportunity to show your kids that William Shatner wasn't always the Priceline guy.

Available at Amazon for $19.77


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