How to Play: Fork Over the Chocolate

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What you need: You need a chocolate bar, knife, forks, dice, and items of clothing, such as a hat, a coat, shirt, pants, hat, gloves, etc.

How to play: Have the players sit in a circle. Set up an area with the clothes, chocolate, and silverware away from the circle.

The rules: One person starts by throwing the dice followed by each person in turn. When someone throws a six, he then runs to the area where the clothes are and starts putting them on. Once he is completely dressed, he can then start trying to eat the bar of chocolate, with the knife and fork, of course, cutting one square at a time. He will continue eating the chocolate while the other players keep rolling the dice. When someone else rolls a six, that person will run to the area where the clothes are and take over. Play continues until the bar has been eaten.

How to win: The player who eats the last square of the chocolate bar is the winner.

What else you need to know: You can play this game in rounds if you have more chocolate bars.

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