How to Play: Shark Attack

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Shark attack picture

Watch out! Credit: Carl De Souza, AFP/Getty Images

What you need: You need a parachute.

How to play: Choose one player to be the shark and another player to be the lifeguard. The rest of the players will sit on the ground in a circle holding the parachute over their legs. The shark will be under the parachute looking for victims to attack. The lifeguard will walk around behind the players in the circle looking for victims to save. The players sitting on the ground will wiggle their legs and shake the parachute, keeping it low to the ground.

The rules: The shark will pick a victim and try to pull him under by the legs. The lifeguard will come around and try to pull the victim away from the shark. If the lifeguard is there in time, the shark will let go and look for another victim. If the shark pulls the victim under the parachute, the victim then becomes a shark. Play continues until only one player remains outside of the parachute.

How to win: The last player remaining outside of the parachute is the winner.

What else you need to know: Victims cannot kick or use their hands to attack or hurt the shark. They must go with the shark if pulled underneath. Only the lifeguard can save them.

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