Crystal-Growing Trees

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Snow day? Grow some "snow" crystals inside. Credit:

You've watched every episode of "iCarly." You've played every board game in the house. Twice. It's freezing and snowy outside, and the kids are bouncing off the walls. You need some new fun indoor activities.

Here's one we can't wait to try: Crystal-Growing Trees from Natural History Museum. Each package includes five small cardboard trees, five crystal solutions and a plastic tree holder. Simply follow the instructions and watch as cool crystals form on the tree within 24 hours for a fun snowy effect.

The trees are $7.99 at For more fun, also check out the company's Hydrophobic Sand (it never gets wet, even under water), Science Putty (it bounces, stretches, snaps and more) or the Unpredict-a-Ball (only you can predict where it will land).


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