Do You Go Tanning With Your Kids?

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If you go tanning with your kid, are you setting them up for a future of health problems and, perhaps worse, a starring role on "Jersey Shore?" Credit: AP Photo/MTV

When teens go to the tanning salon, they typically get their start by tanning with mom, according to a new study.

"Young women who want to start tanning before they reach 16 or 17 have to rely on their mother to not only transport them, but to pay for their tanning," East Tennessee State University researcher Katie Baker tells MSNBC.

Some people think everyone looks better bronzed, but the dangers of tanning are well documented. In January of last year, 18-year-old "tanorexic" Katie Donnar told the AP that she thinks tanning beds and sun lamps should have sterner warning labels; she had a melanoma removed from her leg and had been tanning since she was in sixth grade. In 2009, a 10-year-old Welsh girl was burned by a tanning bed.

Knowing all this, do you go tanning with you kids?

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