Maternity Fashion Tips for the 3rd Trimester

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third trimester fashion

Fashion can be a challenge for third trimester mommies. Credit: Getty Images

Fashion doesn't stop -- even when you're in your third trimester and must wear a maternity support band.

But even when you're at your biggest, by keeping in mind some of the basic rules of fashion, you might actually look forward to getting dressed during those last few months.

Some tips to looking great late in your pregnancy:

  • Whether it's summer or winter, if possible, buy natural fabrics, which allow your skin to breathe.
  • If you are hoping not to look as pregnant as you are feeling, try black and dark colors. Avoid pale colors and pastels, and pass on horizontal lines and patterns.
  • Don't just shop in maternity departments. Clothing found in plus-size women's departments might be just what you need to tide you over until parenthood, especially if you're keeping an eye on office fashion.
  • Accessorizing is key, so don't skimp on colorful scarves or jewelry when getting dressed up.
  • In the winter months, if you don't want to buy a bulky coat, try layering your clothes. Also, a wide scarf or wrap can provide versatility and warmth that can carry you through your final trimester and into parenthood.
  • If you are experiencing feet swelling, besides staying off them as much as possible, you may need to purchase shoes that are slightly larger than you normally wear. The increase in shoe size may be a temporary gain, but you won't know until well after your labor. Invest in practical and comfortable shoes with low heels, even shopping for them when your feet are at their worst to help find the most comfortable styles for the rest of your pregnancy.


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