Product Recalls: How to Get the Latest Info

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product recalls

Sign up for e-mail alerts to find out about the latest recalls. Credit: Corbis

When there's a massive recall, everyone hears about it, but many recalls don't make the news. However, since small children are famous for finding ways to make toys and even seemingly-harmless household objects dangerous, parents need to know about recalls.

So, how do you stay informed? You can always check out the latest recalls at ParentDish, or visit, where you'll find the most recent recalls ordered by major federal agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You also can sign up with each agency to receive an e-mail whenever there's a recall.

The CPSC is the group that issues the most recalls for children's products. On its site, you can search by recall date, product type (crib, stroller, sippy cup) and company or country in which it was made. Click on a recall and you'll be directed to more information, such as a press release that includes company contact information.

The CPSC also has a recall hotline. Call 800-638-2772 to get more information about a recall, to find out how to get a product that's been recalled, fixed or how to return it.

Want to report a product that you think is especially dangerous? You can use the CPSC hotline or go online to report an injury or unsafe product.

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